Barack Obama Chats With Pod Save America, Our Candidates Have To Be Decent Human Beings

Barack Obama sits down for his first major interview of the midterm season to talk about the state of democracy here and abroad, the escalating situation in Iran and the ongoing war in Ukraine, and how Democrats can appeal to the broadest coalition of voters.

Barack Obama talks Trumpism, Advice for Democrats, Ukraine + Russia, and the Supreme Court – YouTube

Are Republican officials aware of what the country really needs? Does the January 6th hearings have a deciding factor on American voters? Have you checked your voting registration?

Obama chats the wins from the Biden Administration, including the historic sweeping Infrastructure Bill that is designed to create jobs, the Inflation control act that limits the costs of medicine and lowering the amount spent on energy, the gun reform act which is the first of its kind since the last 30 years.  This election also grapples with the lost of human rights, the Roe vs Wade reversal shows that individual rights that we take for granted in our day to day lives are very much at risk.  Our democracy is fragile says Obama and this election will be a test for the entire world to see.  In the great democratic experiment, the United States is still a free nation unlike others.

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