Happy Halloween: One Sentence Review on Halloween Candy

Spooky season has arrived once again: a time to don that annual vampire costume, watch scary movies, and, of course, gorge on various Halloween candy. While most candy entails chocolate and other sugary substances that our dentists disapprove of, every Halloween candy has different tastes and textures that affect how we eat our “trick-or-treat” bag. To be concise as possible, here is our one sentence opinion on various Halloween candy-that way, you’ll know quickly and exactly what to eat first:

Air Heads: Unlike other candies, every flavor is equally as tasty

Almond Joy: Somehow, it combines coconut, almonds, and chocolate flawlessly; great job

Baby Ruth: The “chocolate and nut” combination is not quite as good as Almond Joy, but still worth scouting out as least one.

Butterfingers: Very good, but practically screams cavities

Bottle Caps: Unless it’s the root beer flavor, we’ll pass

Blow Pops: The gum at the center overpowers the flavor of the lollipop

Candy Corn: As polarizing as it is, it’s always too sweet for our standards

Crunch Bar: Chocolate and rice tastes better than we’d expect, healthiest of the candy too

Dots: Too gooey and sticky in our mouths

Double Bubble: Typical Bubble gum, loses flavor about about 10 seconds

Hershey’s: Classic chocolate, but pretty bland compared to other candies.

Hot Tamales: Too spicy for Halloween

Jolly Ranchers: Delicious, despite it’s country-style name

Junior Mints: Chocolate and mint do not go together like other combinations (*cough* *cough* Reeses)

Kit-Kat: Not the best tasting chocolate bar but that “breaking off” sound is practically synonymous with the candy itself (tell me you break off pieces rather than eat the whole thing)

Lemonheads: Sour, but not Warheads level

M&Ms: Chocolate is chocolate and its easier to eat than a bar

Milk Duds: A slightly inferior version of M&Ms

Milky Way: Amazing, literally tastes like it’s from another galaxy

Mr. Goodbar: Same as Hershey’s

Mounds: Very good, not to mention it revolutionized the way society views chocolate and coconut

Nerds: Okay, but sometimes too sugary

Payday: Not bad, but we prefer chocolate filling more than caramel for this type of candy

Rolos: An inferior ripoff of Twix

Pretzels: Pretzels are always enjoyable, but we want candy on Halloween, not salt.

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups: It’s literally in the slogoan: “Perfect”

Skittles: Addictively tasty and iconic-it’s not Halloween without them

Smarties: Impossible to eat one-at-a-time and it’s gone before you know it

Snickers: Same as Skittles

Sour Patch Kids: Sour and sweet’ it’s a win-win

Starburst: While the pink flavor is always the best, the rest are great too

Sugar Babies: Not worth the tooth decay

Sweedish Fish: Very good but hard to swallow without choking on

Sweetarts: Looks and tastes like chalk

Tootsie Rolls: Full of chocolate and simple to eat; what more is there to ask for?

Tootsie Roll Pops: Not as easy to eat as Tootsie Rolls but at least the tootsie roll in the center doesn’t overpower the lollipop (unlike Blow Pops)

Twix: Right there with Reeses as the best Halloween candy; greatest of the chocolate bars for sure

Twizzlers: Ever licorice is fitting for Halloween

Warheads: Too sour, especially the lemon flavor.

Whoopers: Same as M&M’s

Wunderbar: Too sugary and too messy, no thanks

3 Muketeers: Catchy name and tasty candy

Even after these short reviews, we can practically feel our sweet tooth watering for these candies (especially Reeses, Twix, and Milky Way). That being said, evrybody’s opinion is different so get out there and indulge in your favorite Halloween candy. Stay safe, get your spook on, and have a nice October 31!

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