I am a Christian, I grow up in the church, and I know how church people can be offish with judgment. It is with this in mind that I think that this movie shows that perfectly.  Most people think that their pastors, first ladies, deacons, elders, evangelist, or priests are either perfect or godly, but the truth of the matter is that they all have fallen short of the glory of God, which is something that most church goers forget.

This movie points that in spade form. The pastor Lee – Curtis Child and his wife first lady Trinitie Child are heads of a Southern Baptist Megachurch, but due to recent a church scandal their church was force to temporarily close.  The scandal that caused the church to close involves the pastor being too friendly with some of the church staff. Even though the case is settled, it is hinted that the pastor might be bi-sexual. Once can see this in how he has lack of both intimacy and respect for his wife. His wife first Lady Child is the typical first lady in which she stands by her man and says God is going to get us through this situation.

            So how does this duo think that can clean their imagine and get their church back and swing? By having a documentary made about how they planned to win people trust back and bring people back to their church. In the beginning of the documentary it shows their wealth or rather them faulting their wealth. It shows them have closets in their church that could be the size of some people’s apartments. It doesn’t end there, with them also showing how they lived in expensive mansion with five expensive cars. This gross display of wealth is what is killing the church today in the real world. For you have pastors like this that are rich beyond belief, but have members in their church congregation struggling to make ends meet.

If that is not bad enough you have the married couple who were once members of his church decided to open their own church and they decided to open it on Easter Sunday like them as well. As you can imagine this causes a competition between the churches, which should not even have happened since they both claimed to serve Jesus.

But as the movie points out that just because someone states that they serve God and his son Jesus, does not mean that they actually do serve him.

In the end, I think that this is the most truthful satirical about the problems in the church that has ever come out in theaters.  It shows that even in the church there is more deception then there is in the world and they need to be hold accountable if they are planning to truly save this world from Satan. Can I get an Amen?

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