The GOP Tweets About Dictators like Fidel Castro But Hush On Kanye West’s Mention of Hitler on Alex’s Infowars. Is it only the media offended?

The outrage against the remarks made by producer rapper mogul Kanye West today on Alex Jones’ Infowars is stacked pretty high, as usual. West continues to anger folks based off his comments and outspokenness towards the Jewish Community.

The GOP, tweeted out a play for the Georgia senate run-off which is happening right now, claiming Democrat Raphael Warnock once praised dictator Castro from Cuba. Herschel Walker is the GOP ticket, backed by Donald Trump who announced his reelection last week.

Trump hosted a Friendsgiving styled dinner with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and Ye. The silence from the GOP regarding comments about Hitler is loud.

Why aren’t more media sites or the public making the connection? Kanye West is not a politician but a outspoken rapper. He has less power then people like Herschel and Donald but seems to be the person folks respond to?

Is it because he’s a celebrity? Is it because he’s Black? Maybe it’s just a way to distract from the real life consequences of one-sided cult like leadership. How many Narcissists does it take to run a nation? Coming soon.

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