New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

For many, bringing in the new year also means bringing in a New Year’s resolution-only to break it after a few weeks! According to analyst Simon Mack, over 98% of people ditch their New Years Resolutions, mostly within the first few weeks of the New Year. Breaking a resolution not only creates the feeling of laziness but also makes us feel like we lack the confidence and willingness needed to progress through our lives. So, to boost confidence, here are a few New Years Reolutions that are quite simple to keep throughout 2023:

Go outside More: In today’s age, technology has practically dominated our lives. Dependence of technology has lead to the feeling of being overwhelmed whether through advertisements or politics. The blue light emitted through our devices also suppresses the production of serotonin which, in turn, leads to sleep deprivation. For those who spend their day on their iPhone or computer, try to spend a bit more time outdoors-even sitting and the park and listening to the sounds is enough. Really absorb the sights and sounds-without looking at your phone!

Clean Up More: A cluttered environment can invoke feelings such as stress and discouragement. As a result, make it a resolution to keep your residence a bit more tidy. Make your bed, clean your dishes, and take out the garbage on the floor. Do not let the mess build up-just take out something and make sure you clean it/put it away. It honestly doesn’t take much effort and may even help in improving productivity.

Replace Cabonated Beverages With Water: For those looking to lose weight, simply replacing carbonated beverages such as soda with fresh water is a great start. Water is the only fluid necessary for human growth and has 0 calories. It is also far more refreshing than soda and even coffee, especially with ice in it. In addition, drinking ice water can help burn calories, albeit a very small amount. So for those who resort to soda as a thirst quench, it is best to switch to water (start with replacing one glass a soda per day) as is more fulfilling and satisfying.

Learn Something New: Staying at home can be quite boring, especially after the quarantine. As a resolution, why not spend more downtime learning a new trick or taking up a hobby? From playing the piano to performing gymnastics, there are many different things we can practice or learn and it gets our brains something to do rather than being on our devices (see “Go outside More”)

Read More Books: An intriguing book or novel can create a similar vibe to watching a movie or listening to music-the difference is that it requires using our imagination. Studies have shown that reading books, regardless of genre, help improve memory, creativity, and IQ by over 30%. Try to envision the events in the novel taking place (reading aloud sometimes helps) and think about how it applies to today’s society. Reading takes us to a completely new world with lessons to take back down to Earth.

Contact Old Friends: Whether friends from High School or Grammar School, keeping in touch with old friends is a great way to invoke feelings of nostalgia and happiness. Dig through your old contact list and plan to hang out sometime. Talk about what’s been keeping your friends busy. Bring your spouce or newer friends along and introduce each other. Socialization is essential for living a productive life.

2022 was a sure sign that the world is returning to normal after the events of 2020 and 2021 and we only hope that this normalcy remains throughout 2023 and beyond. Have a happy new year and good luck keeping these resolutions!

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