The name on everyone’s lips right now is Andrew Tate, king of the “man-o-sphere.” Now with facing several accusations and even criminal charges by the Romanian government, it appears to put his future in jeopardy. So, I decided to see what the ole celestial clock had to say about it.

Andrew Tate
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After taunting Greta Thunberg in a recent tweet, Romanian police supposedly located Tate by way of the pizza box he displayed in the video, though this is disputed. Tate is very well known in “masculinity circles” where men attempt to regain confidence, engage in self-help, learn how to attract women, work on fitness routines, get advice on their diet intake, and learn how to make money.

So, what makes Tate, AKA “Top G,” tick? Well, we don’t have a birth time for him, so, no house system for this read. But, his planets are very telling. As usual, certain things immediately jump out at me. And, even without a birthtime, I would be willing to guess what planets might actually be on his Midheaven, ruling over career and fame. I won’t presume to speculate with true accuracy in this article, but I have a hunch that is probably pretty close.

Let’s start with the very potent triple conjunction of Sun, Moon, and Saturn. As discussed in last month’s article, when an outer planet (Saturn through Pluto) is conjunct the Sun, Moon, or ascendant, it is a very special aspect. Here, both the Sun and Moon are in conjunction with an outer planet, giving it extra energy and meaning.

Sun conjunct Moon is also a meaningful aspect as it represents one who was born on a New Moon. Here, the ego and emotions are in alignment, giving the person a deep comfort with themselves and a personality that is very self-sufficient. These natives, as well as people with Sun opposite Moon, have very karmic-laden lives that can be full of turmoil. They are larger-than-life individuals that often aren’t aware of just how much of an impression they make on others.

Sun conjunct Saturn is a powerhouse position. But, there are pros and cons to this. Saturn is the god of time, of karma, and of structure. He can cause restrictions and delays, but he is also big on rewards. As god of the harvest, he gifts massive profits– if you put in the work. He is the “reap what you sow” guy, so if you try hard and build steadily, you are handed something from him that can’t be taken away. It is easy to see that Andrew Tate has worked hard and built his business for many years with a reported net worth of $710 million. Saturn gives Tate an analytical bent and a mature and serious personality that garners him much respect.

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Moon conjunct Saturn is not immediately as beneficial as Sun conjunct Saturn. This is because it’s the emotions involved. Saturn on the Moon can make the native’s life quite depressing. It can cause the tendency or even need for the person to become detached and cold in their reactions. In some ways, this serves them well, often out of necessity in their youth. However, it can create a loop where their expectations create the result. But, at some point in their lives, they find that if they are open, they receive the love they’re looking for.

All of this, all of it, is also in a square to Mars conjunct Jupiter. So, there’s a lot to discuss. And we will start with Mars conjunct Jupiter itself. And this is another one of those “larger than life” aspects. Mars, the god of action, masculinity, anger, and war, is conjunct Jupiter, the god of expansion, luck, joy, and over-extension. So, what we have is an amplifier on top of the masculine archetype. Shocker, right? Why is Andrew Tate so obsessed with masculinity? Because Jupiter is exaggerating this tendency 100-fold. Further, this increases the desire to take risks. If one is engaged in financial speculation, you will find that the Mars conjunct Jupiter individual will be keen to put their neck out there and risk it all. They are the kind to jump over the bonfire without thought.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at the treasure trove of aspects that are connected to it.

Next up is Sun square Mars. This aspect gives a energetic drive and the desire to fight. This is clearly no stranger to Tate as a UFC fighter with a 76-9 winning record. He loves to engage in debate and is often passionate in his words. Here, the egoic Sun is in friction with the Martian anger and warrior creating a courageous figure.

Mars is also in a square with Saturn. This is a difficult position as Mars wants to go, go, go, but Saturn stifles his actions. Sometimes this can cause a lack of self-esteem, but as with all things Saturnian, this improves with time and practice. It also imbues a staying power the likes of which most people do not possess. In some cases, it can cause joint problems and arthritis.

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And then we have Moon square Mars. This aspect generally produces emotional irritation. It gives drive to achieve ones ambitions with a defined tenacity. Lastly, it tends to give one a hot-blooded charm in men that tends to attract women.

But, we also have the Sun and Moon square to Jupiter as well. Both are similar in nature, essentially being about positivity and buoyancy, confidence and an exaggerated outlook that things will always work out for the better. And indeed, it also tends to bestow luck to the individual.

Alright, now we have to cover one last Mars aspect: Mars sextile Neptune. And this one is about pure charisma and sensuality. It gives the actions of the native a watery and smooth quality. It may also create the desire for spiritual truths in the person, and Tate has done this through finding Islam as his religious path.

Finally! We move on from this stellium and into new territory. The one aspect I’ve been waiting to cover is Venus conjunct Pluto! This is pure animalistic passion that tends to draw feminine attention like a magnet. It also has the tendency to draw “karmic relationships,” which means there is unfinished business from past lives and these partners come back to put us through often intense situations that are difficult to handle. It can also make someone very jealous and possessive of their partners, or create this feeling in others even when it is not the norm. It also usually draws wealth, as Venus rules over money.

Curiously, Tate only has one aspect to his Mercury, that of Mercury trine Jupiter. This is big picture thinking and the ability to understand the overall picture with a kind of bird’s eye view. They are forward thinkers that keep focused on positivity.

And last of all, I want to include Venus and Pluto both in trine to Jupiter. This is a double aspect, but they belong together in this instance. Jupiter trine Pluto implies mastery of one’s world, and most often, vast accumulated wealth. And with Venus conjunct Pluto, trine to Jupiter, it is all the more true. Tate’s net worth is something only a few people ever achieve in their lifetime and these aspects definitely show this. And although not all people with this astral selection will be worth millions of dollars, they will be powerful in a unique way in their life and field without a doubt.

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I covered nearly everything in Tate’s chart, save but a few generational aspects. And as you can see, what he has is born out in his life quite accurately. People that have certain planetary combinations predictably behave in definite ways and have particular experiences in their lives. I have never seen it to be any other way. Heaven’s code on display for all to witness.

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