Why Are White People In NYC Asking For More Outrage Against the NYPD allowing the Proud Boys to ride the MTA, for free

BLM Activist Tahyira Savanna asked via her Twitter feed, why folks weren’t just equally outraged. The NYPD has been the face of multiple wrongful death suits going all the way back to the 1960s. They came into international light when Eric Garner was murdered on the streets of Staten Island, back in 2014. It sparked a million-man march on December 12th 2014 throughout midtown during the biggest shopping season of the year. It drew out celebrities and elected officials. Locals in NYC have called for more oversight of police budgets due to increasing problems among city-goers and the police department. How did the Proud Boys get a pass when average NYCers would have been ticketed, arrested, or even worse.

Read our story about the undertrained teams working the street protests during the Summer of 2020.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, the NYPD said that “to deescalate the situation and prevent further violence a decision was made to escort one group to the Jackson Heights subway station to remove the group from the area.” That seems off by a long shot. Would they let the crips just hold their gang meetings in the middle of Atlantic Terminal? I think not.

Why are white people afraid to police white people? In 3 days we will honor the lives lost on Capitol Hill on January 6th 2021. It is a two-year mark of the day that almost lost American democracy.

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