Nassau County GOP Calls Out Rep. George Santos for Neo-Nazi like behaviors

Writer Tahyira Savanna who attended Long Island University, whose campus falls in the New York’s 3rd congressional district shared outrage and supported the efforts made in New York.

This aint #Florida ! @nassaucountygop They’re calling for the #resignation of Rep. George Santos.

#FYI NY’s 3rd #congressionaldistrict includes my alma mater @liupost located in richy rich #Brookville 🤑 Also includes North Shore towns of #OysterBay#PortWashington#Jericho#Syosset#Mineola#Farmingdale The Necks – which house Jewish families majorly #LittleNeck#GreatNeck#FloralPark#QueensVillage

The FBI arrested insurrectionists from this area too. If anyone cares, this like Germany in the mid-1930s. The neo nazis are the political leaders of the Jewish community in NY.

Listen to the press conference from earlier today.

We shared his images holding up the Neo-Nazi hand symbol on our Instagram feed.

There have been no comments from the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy.

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