Ben Crump Is Poised To Take On Ron DeSantis In Legal Battle.

Image Source: Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Ron DeSantis is under fire for blocking a proposal for an AP African American Studies Pilot Program in Florida. Ben Crump is seeking legal recourse.

The Point of Contention

A little over two weeks ago, the College Board received a letter that outlined rationales for denying the implementation of an AP African American Studies in Florida highschools. According to CNN, the letter which came from the The Florida Department of Education’s Office of Articulation  expressed,

“The course is inexplicably contrary to Florida law and lacks educational value significantly .”

However, specific points of objection were not outlined. This is concerning. For such an argument to hold weight, there needs to be clearly defined support for the rationale that an African American course would lack educational value. The closest thing to a rational premise came from a statement by Bryan Griffin, a spokesman for Desantis. According to CNN, Griffin’s response to the intent behind the letter was

“The course leaves large and ambiguous gaps that can be filled with additional ideological material…”

However, such an argument is incredulous. Fundamentally, any class involving history instruction would fall within the same parameters. When instructing a course based on limited knowledge, there will always be gaps that leave room for ideological material. So to make such an argument for refusing a class on those grounds, one must prove how current history classes being offered hold up under the same argument. 

More To Add

Griffin doubled down by referring to a comment he suggests was handed down to the College Board from the Department of Education. According to Griffin, the Department of Education indicates that if the school board met specific criteria, the subject could be revisited again. However, The College Board went on record with CNN stating,

“We look forward to bringing this rich and inspiring exploration of African American history and culture to students across the country.”

Down to DeSantis

So what is the real issue? It only takes a little to dig down to the root. DeSantis’s stance on CRT (critical race theory) is public record. In 2021 the teaching of CRT was banned in Florida. And according to another CNN article, in 2022, Desantis went one step further. He helped pass a law affecting how race can be discussed in the classroom. In March 2022, It was reported.”

In addressing a top priority of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, The Florida Senate voted for a ban on public schools and private businesses preventing them from instructing individuals to feel guilty for historical events committed by people of their race..”

If one were to look at DeSantis’ political movements and draw conclusions, the premise behind the denial of the AP African American History Course is clear.

Ben Crump Takes on Desantis

Ben Crump is not taking this decision lightly. And he is geared up to take the matter to court. Today Crump announced he would be pursuing legal action against DeSantis. In the words of the Defender of Justice,

“Are we going to let Governor DeSantis, or anybody, exterminate Black History from the classrooms of Florida?

Based on Crump’s sentiments, such will not happen without a fight.

A Lukewarm Reaction

However, the Florida Board of Education appears nonchalant about the matter. According to a spokesperson, they expect nothing to come of the lawsuit. Alex Lanfranconi, from the Board of Education response read,

“As Governor DeSantis said, African American History is American History, and we will not permit any organization to use an academic course as a gateway for indoctrination and a political agenda. This threat is a meritless publicity stunt, nothing more…”

A Long Road Ahead

It is hard to believe that this remains a point of contention in the present time. However, given the social-political climate of the last few years, it’s not unexpected. The message it sends is resonant. As a society, we dance the waltz, steps forward, back, and off to the side. But we have a long way to go for real change to take effect. 

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