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The nationwide extremist “Day of Hate” campaign planned for this Saturday is meant to be intimidating and divide us, but we will remain united in our kindness and positivity. Join us and

@Chabad in celebrating #ShabbatOfPeaceNotHate.

A D.C. area organization , The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington wrote a story to the Jewish community today.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and our community security partner, Secure Community Network (SCN), are aware that a small neo-Nazi group has been advertising online a “day of mass anti-semitic action” referred to as the “National Day of Hate.”

SCN assesses that the “Day of Hate” will likely be limited to non-violent activity such as flyer and banner drops. SCN is continuing to actively monitor online chatter and we are in close coordination with our security and Jewish community partners, including local law enforcement, the FBI, ADL, and agency and synagogue leadership. We have not identified any threats of violence or mentions of specific residential or commercial areas that may be targeted by this upcoming campaign.

What you can do:

If you become the target of and/or are impacted by propaganda targeting the Jewish community, contact local law enforcement first, and then, as soon as you are safe to do so, please report the activity to Federation’s community security team and to ADL.

While these antisemitic, hateful threats are disturbing, we will not stop living our lives as proud Jewish community members. As we remain vigilant, let us commit to continuing our conversations with our allies against hate across Greater Washington and beyond. We are grateful to those who continue to stand with our Jewish community and speak out in the face of this and all bigotry and hatred. Federation, SCN, and our partners will not stop fighting for our community’s safety and security, and we know that you won’t either.

Neo-Nazi Groups Organizing Antisemitic ‘National Day of Hate,’ Police Warn (

Chicago PD has also placed similar alerts for the weekend.

Last month, a small antisemitic group based in eastern Iowa designated Feb. 25 as a “day of hate,” and other white supremacist and hate groups have since said they plan to participate, according to David Goldenberg, the Midwest regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

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