Center Valley, Washington: The Jefferson Healthcare Medical Center received a “blood-drawing” surprise when a wild coyote broke inside the building through the windows, shattering the panels. Camera footage shows that the coyote went through the facility’s revolving doors and through numerous corriders before escaping through the same window.

It is unknown what breed the coyote was but it appeared to be an adult with gray fur and stubby legs. Animal rescuers could be seen luring it into a cage when captured and taken back to it’s habitat.

The animal was later spotted inside the courtyard where animal rescuers safely released it back into the wild. It’s snout and fur was damaged from the window glass. Fortunately, no patients or workers were hurt during the incident. The doors to the patient’s room were closed so that the coyote couldn’t get in.

“Wild animals like these are a common sight throughout Northern America”, says the Center Valley Animal Rescue Service”. “After a thorough exam and a few stitches the coyote appears to be in good health and is currently recovering in our wildlife enclosure. After the coyote recovers she will be released back into the wild.”

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