This is for students with an avid interest in history, societal underpinnings, and etymology. Or for those who cherish ascertaining knowledge. May 23 will mark the release of historian, archeologist, and author Naoise Mac Sweeney’s newest literary work. “The WEST: A New History in Fourteen Lives” is a rich exploratory piece with a powerful impact. And here is why it’s worth a read.

Who is Naoise Mac Sweeney?

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Naoise Mac Sweeney is a respected historian and classical archeologist. Her career exploits extend to the post of professor, researcher, and author. Sweeney is very much a scholar, but more importantly, she is a woman of passion and love for deeper exploration of cultures. She has held posts at Cambridge and Leicester Universities and at Harvard in the center of Hellenic Studies. And her prior written work is indeed not without acclaim. However, this is about her newest work. “The WEST: A New History in Fourteen Lives” is an arresting literary piece that calls the reader to stop, absorb, and soak in the richness of the research that lends to eye-opening conclusions.

Why Now?

The time for enlightenment is always in the present. And there is never a wrong time to expand the mind. However, the move towards greater adaptation of culturally rich works written from a historical perspective, as evidenced by Netflix’s recent release of African Queens; Njinga, is opening minds and hearts. Like never before, there arises a greater acceptance of such narratives. And such is fascinatingly inviting. It is comparable to opening a great doorway, a means by which those wishing to scratch the fertile minds of attending audiences may do so with fervor. Thus, never has there been a more excellent period than this to prepare the fertile soils of human consciousness to explore more incredible truths.

“What is The West: A New History in Fourteen Lives”

“The WEST: A New History in Fourteen Lives,” looks deeply at the ideology that shapes the “grand narrative” of Western Civilization. It explores as Penguin notes,

“How this particular version of Western history was invented, been used to justify imperialism and racism, and why it is no longer ideologically fit for purpose today.”

It is an in-your-face hard-hitting account for which Sweeny makes no apologies in her presentation. Instead, Sweeney makes her thesis plain and lends strength to her premise by examining fourteen powerful historical figures with a lasting impact on shaping the ideology of Western Civilization.

Why Read This Work?

This work presents a school of thought that some may see as unpalatable yet necessary. Growth requires stretching of the mind and expansion of the heart, and opening of the spirit. This work provides a fresh perspective similar to Netflix’s recent offering of African Queens or the 2022 cinematic marvel The Woman King starring Viola Davis. It raises thought-provoking questions, leading readers to examine accepted ideologies and frameworks to formulate a deeper, more rounded understanding and truth.

Written By: Renae Richardson

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