There have been many theories concerning the use of magick and the Nazi Reich, and even a possible astrological advisor of Hitler’s inner circle guiding their plans. Certain buildings and complexes were built for the specific purpose of occult practices within the SS. And in like kind, today we will explore the astrology chart of Adolf Hitler and his energetic impact on the world.

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Adolf Hitler (colorized).
Photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild, Wikicommons

I’ll be honest, the birth chart of Adolf Hitler is… a little boring. This is one of the first major figures I’ve discussed in this column that has very few “wowing” aspects. Things make sense, I can see what drew people to him, but he is not like a Putin or a Xi that has such incredible planetary positions that scream out dictator! And that is rare. So, keep that in mind.

Mysticism in the Nazi Party was near ubiquitous. Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS, was a known occultist. Before the war he belonged to an organization called the Thule Society which Himmler used as his basis for starting the Ahnnerbe. The Ahnnerbe was a sector of the SS involved in Germanic heritage and all things pureblood Aryan, which included the occult and pagan roots of the German people such as runes and even symbolism such as the Schwarze Sonne, or “black sun.”

However, Hitler himself was not necessarily involved in these practices and in some instances was reported to have even shunned the arts. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop many of his followers and officers from delving in with both feet. And in line with this, much of the SS was centered around pagan iconography, such as the Wewelsburg Castle, redesigned with the black sun inlaid with stone into the floor of one of its main rooms intended for great gatherings of the top Nazi brass.

Wewelsburg Castle, SS Generals Hall.
Photo: Sunnydog, Wikicommons

But, enough of the history. On to the reading!

The first thing that pops out to me is Sun conjunct Mercury. Normally, this is a not uncommon position to see simply because the Sun and Mercury are never more than twenty five degrees apart, making some aspects between them impossible while others appear fairly often. So, it is not purely the conjunction that makes it important, but the fact that it is opposite the ascendant, putting it on the cusp of the seventh house.

Normally, I don’t talk much about the houses unless it is the part of the ascendant-descendant and midheaven-nadir axes. And this one applies. With Sun conjunct Mercury, this adds the Sun’s potent energy to Mercury, the planet of communication. And, with it opposing the ascendant, it causes the native to look to others for satisfaction, self-knowledge, and validation.

This was a massive player in why Hitler’s speeches were so effective. He literally looked to the crowd to define himself, and found himself in these elaborate appeals to the population. We observe this in his development over the years. He lived through the crowd.

concert photos
Rockstar Hitler.
Photo: Nainoa Shizuru, Unsplash

And to add to this theory is our next aspect– Venus conjunct Mars, also in the seventh house. So again, the emphasis is on “the other.” And Venus conjunct Mars is a fiery aspect of passion. The goddess of feminine attraction meets the god of war and men. Anyone with this conjunction, male or female, I would immediately expect to be good with the opposite sex. However, it tends to make it more pronounced in men. In women, it makes them more willing to be go-getters in the bedroom, openly expressing their affections to potential mates.

With Venus conjunct Mars in the seventh house, all of those people out there saw Hitler as an enormously seductive person. Although, not necessarily sexually to Hitler personally, and this is noted by the lack of other aspects that would create a steamier effect in the man. As it is, Venus and Mars are really just emphasizing the seventh house. There is no Pluto to intensify things. There is no Neptune to create grand fantasies. So, it falls in a sort of impersonal way. However, this was not how others experienced it, and we’ll mention his allure to women again later.

And yet, there is something else going on here. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter in the third house. Here, I will venture in to house territory I normally would not. The third house is about communication, ruled by Mercury. And as we have said before, Jupiter is an amplifier, so it is amplifying the Moon in a big way. This makes Hitler’s emotions huge! This again speaks to his impassioned speeches, arms flailing about, yelling at the top of his lungs. Moon conjunct Jupiter makes a lot of sense here.

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Then there are all the other aspects these two simultanously make. Firstly is Jupiter trine Sun. This is a good aspect that generally engenders good luck and optimism. And despite heavy setbacks, Hitler’s luck definitely gifted him at several points in his life. This also adds a healthy ego. Someone that very naturally believes they are a leader and sets out to be one. It also has a tendency to create an artistic person, which as a painter, was well documented in Hitler’s past.

Jupiter trine Mars is another considerable position, though. This one really endows someone with a “brass pair,” if you catch my drift. Big risks, big rewards. Mars in a trine with Jupiter tends to increase all the Martian tendencies in all the best ways because of the flowing trine action connecting them. Things just tend to sort of work out.

Jupiter also makes that same trine to Venus, too. And this is always considered a lucky aspect, as Venus is the lesser benefic, and Jupiter the greater benefit. Bring them together and you have a jovial personality living a charmed life, if other aspects don’t dampen it. And in this case, we see that Hitler’s was worth was $310 billion, adjusted for inflation. A massive amount of money by any standard. But, this is to be expected when you’re a heinous despot willing to take anything from anyone.

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Photo: Andrea De Santis, Unsplash

Then there’s Mars trine Moon. This one helps deliver the anger and stirred emotions. Although it’s a trine, any contact between Mars and the Moon is predisposed to bringing the fervency and vehement spirit. But it makes the man possessing it attractive to women. And boy did they. Women actually threw themselves at him, probably aided by that Venus conjunct Mars aspect as well. On one occasion this even happened publicly at the Olympics with a woman trying to steal a kiss. They love those bad boys. And yet, Hitler tended to play up a celibate image, only engaging in three known romantic relationships during his life as he was generally disinterested in sexual activity. And there’s a reason for that. More later.

A bit of an after-thought aspect is Sun conjunct Mercury opposite Uranus. Uranus is sitting in the twelfth house, the house of the subconscious. This means that his rebellion and impulse, genius and insight, come from a place he cannot fully recognize. And it opposes his Sun and Mercury in the seventh house of other people. This essentially plays out as subconscious drives shocking people in his relationships.

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Hitler the bad boy.
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Saturn is the final planet I want to round out the reading with. He is positioned in the tenth house, the house of fame and career. This is no shocker to me, as the tenth house is what the public sees. And when they look up to that noon position in the sky, what do they see? Authority. Saturn represents authority and Hitler flies this flag high. But he also creates delays, and we see this played out with the many setbacks he faced on his monstrous climb to the top. But he also rewards consistent and committed effort. So, as Hitler continued his relentless pursuit of power, he was eventually gifted with the fruits of his tireless labor with his election as chancellor.

But then Saturn makes two important squares. The first is to Venus. And when we have this, we see a person who is often alone or a loner. They may not be lonely, but they do not have many personal relationships and may not get married. Or if they do, it is delayed until later in life. And we definitely know this happened with Hitler and Ava Braun. He kept the relationship secret for quite a while, only marrying her as his empire collapsed around him and then condemning her to a suicide pact. Romantic.

Then there’s Saturn square Mars. And if we thought we saw anger with Mars trine Moon, we ain’t seen nothing yet. Contacts between Mars and Saturn are always full of frustration and have the potential for violence. Saturn stifles the impatient and restless Mars who is always trying to leap before looking. This may sound good, but Mars needs to be Mars, and he doesn’t play well with others. While he is hot headed, Saturn is cold blooded. Combine the two and you have a recipe for trouble. And that Hitler, he was a rascal, alright.

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Photo: Karsten Winegeart, Unsplash

We’ve covered some pretty intense characters here in my monthy installments. My intent is never to minimize the absolute terror and destruction these tyrannical autocrats have wrought, but merely to see them as a regular person for a moment. Maybe even see into them and understand their motives as human beings. I hope I’ve done that today with one of history’s worst.

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