Are Social Norms Ruining Self-efficacy?

Society’s Expectations; What In The World????

We are all walking around with an atomically toxic claim of self-worth. Many of our identities are linked to a society that barely meets healthy social expectations and intrinsically withholds the truth of our perceptive virtue. Socialism has become the number one cause of low self-esteem, fear, murder, and selfishness, according to my outlook on life, and has increased drastically since the start of social media. Women and men, transgender or whomever you identify with, have seemingly suffered through the applicable trial and error of the American system or America’s philosophical Social Contract Theory that has no answers to the paradigms of our sociologically constructed mindsets. 

Where on earth has humanistic self-worth gone? What has happened to divine alignment and purposeful love? Multiple women are choosing to value their knowledge of self-admiration by degrading the dreams of others; through the perils of social media, these women have fallen victim to their insecurities. Many men uphold themselves in the new transcendent form of toxic masculinity. And society is teaching us that as long as there is an ideological reason for societal norms, we do not have to treat others politely. We do not have to respect others’ opinions, and we do not have to follow the golden rule of life, and if we dare to be different, we get mistreated, called names, recorded, and placed on the internet for likes.

I believe that society teaches us these norms because organizations and government administrators can’t control every individual’s vivacity, quite frankly, because they have adopted the same standards of being human outside of titles as well. I believe society excuses truth and builds self-esteem and self-love based on falsification. I am learning that the world is lost,  and many lack prowess or self-identification. Nowadays, everyone seems to have the same hate for life, God, and love. How can we identify with our sexual preferences when we can’t express or identify when we are hurting, angry, or embarrassed? We live in a society where healing comes with identifying filters that have become so modernly used that normalcy is far beyond the truth. 

These things are becoming so routine that many have forgotten about the equality of self, and they have no respect for life, no respect for authority, and no respect for anything, including themselves. Just because you have the necessities doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect others. Just because you may have more than some doesn’t mean you use your power for evil. Everything is fake and has fallen into a conspired mind trap that enables one to remain enthused with the accompaniment of tokenism. 

Society has gotten away from love, honor, value, and God. And we have begun to value the materialism that America introduced as goods for services but forgot to include the labor behind the making of those goods. The character traits of the people who help society remain abnormal are the same people who know that misconception is another fallacy standing in place of foundational trust. It seems as though with every trending topic, one has forgotten that nothing new happens under the sun, so many people have fought for humanity to have the voices to change what they went through, and we make it worse by eliminating who we are, based on what we have, what we wear, what we drive, and life’s hardships. Society has fallen into a critical outcry of improperly disturbed beings. 

It has become a violation to express concern; everything you say in truth, you’re met with brute force, or the cancel culture wants to embark on a disastrous rant through their latest version of misunderstanding of our first amendment rights. It seems as though we all hold celebrities to a higher standard than we do ourselves; we are always hoping one will give the world what it needs, but what the world needs is recognition. The mirror isn’t giant, but people can’t seem to focus their irises on the design of them. 

Society has made it okay to think 14-year-olds should wear acrylic nails, carry weapons, and disrespect their teachers, and parents. It seems as though the more we build, the faker things become. The more we protest, the more materials are managed, and we are offered a disengaged from reality because society will not exist without the bandwagon fallacy. Without societal norms, you have peace and transparency; you’ll have purpose-driven humans that have goals to change what we can instead of conforming to a world we never will be able to change until the coming of Yeshua. 

The media has also added to this cause and effect. Its persuasion in the pursuit of surmounting the minds of young children has become so wildly accepted that if you’re genuinely sane, you wouldn’t do anything but monitor and pray over your children’s life. The agenda has become the opposite of God’s plan for Gideon; we have become so oppressed by the world that we have accepted documented meticulous monetary love. We have embraced the development of the devil through the imperfection of an apparatus that many believe is a corrected form of living. When in fact, it’s the opposite. It seems as if domestic violence is esteemed as love, and the agenda of toxicity and sin is proposed through the visionary influence of material wealth. 

The things we accept have become things we will regret. We have to do better, we have to be the change we wish to see because following the crowd will make you forget that your incisions matter as well. 

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