As the world turns, we are met with the same Vatican-villainized village and the lies that were left buried underneath its soils. The village that society seems to have forgotten about. The town is known for many things but is more commonly known for the crucifying of thousands of Jews. The village of many names and many faces, a renowned civilization that has hidden truths and warriors named Hercules, who roamed the western areas killing monsters, and securing locations for his followers. The village with Kings and high-ranking officials called Alexander Janneus, Titus, Herod, and Pontius Pilate, whose historical stories do not align with the vigorous perfidy that built the worldview of the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire is categorized as one of the world’s most influential civilizations, from our politics to our sewage system. The influence of the Roman Empire has no boundaries regarding the foundations of American culture. The Roman deity and the way that it constructed our passion and love for Christ, the philosophical-theological design came with inclusions that are kept hidden well within their Roman funerary practices. With this exclusive exacerbation, we must embrace the infamous Roman Catholic religious denomination. 

We all know that with great power comes more respect, but that doesn’t eliminate the facts. The dominating religious subgroup dominated the first century without remorse or pity for the colonization that has molded many countries and cities. I mean, this is the same religious development that almost killed a citizen by the name of Martin Luther when he exposed their taking of citizens’ money (tithing) in his “95 Theses”, which he boldly posted on the door of the Catholic Church in 1517 in Wittenberg, Germany. Before we go deeper into the rabbit hole, we must come up with conclusive evidence that the Roman Empire was polytheistic before the evidential crucifixion of Yeshua. 

Being polytheistic means that the Romans worshiped multiple Gods, gods that you may hear a few named and trademarked after our planetarium solar system, which we believe aligns with the Earth God created. The Etruscans practiced Greek mythology and implemented Gods who bargained and sacrificed their lives before the Roman Kingdom became the Roman Empire that eventually converted to Christianity in 313 A.D., ten years after the “Edict of Milan” was issued by Constantine

Jupiter happens to be a sky god who Romans believed was the watcher over everything. Does this sound familiar? It is said that he is the offspring of Saturn, who is the God of time. You may have heard about Jupiter through the studying of astrology or have been told that Jupiter is a planet of luck. All I know is that a world cannot be comprised of gasses. A planet cannot be a planet that offed no historical religious texts. And our astrological perception is derived from the fallen angel Baraqijal who was influenced during the procreation of angels and demons according to “The Book of Enoch.”

In the astounding segments of this religious powerhouse, we cannot forget the persecution we have encountered. Under a wise enveloped cultivation of our cultural identity through the alignment of lies and biased to the truths that remain locked through the secrets of our historical texts. The territory of religion has created and conceived the faulting identity of a dichotomous cycle. Religion did not start in the churches; it started in the culture of blacks. Thomas C Oden’s “How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind” can give you more specified details if you’re interested in learning more about the start of Christianity and Africa. The Bible has an even better roadmap

The Roman Empire has helped brainwash society through the skillful invincible chains with many shackles many are still clinging to. The American Identity Crisis is far more profound than that. This information barely scratches the surface regarding the truth behind the war-crazed civilization. A civilization that has used God and religion as a means for trading, goods, war, and services, all stolen and adopted from the Greeks and others aligned with the ancient Western culture. That provided us with the succubus Jezebel deity we like to call religion. 

From astrology to astronomy, the Roman Empire shaped our minds and helped us to believe that the enslavement of America came from the white man. It gave birth to religious intimidation that seeps through the pores of those waiting on deliverance from the pulpit. I call this forum just for freedom. I often hear people of colored descent proclaiming that we have been robbed of our most authentic identity and that religion is the fault. Begging the difference here makes me seem like I’m not for my people, so I offer silent advice through academic resources.

With an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, I believe that my people have taken on the identity that was given to them instead of the one that was stolen. The voice of many comes from the lies of most, religion is not the church’s identity, and if we keep looking for the church to include us in the making of us, then we will continue to place limits on God. We have been plagued with a society that believes what they are provided than educate themselves on the truth. The lies with religions come with the ideal perspective that there is more than one god, if we know it or believe it, there isn’t. 

Religion was turned into a business, and it started within the Roman Bisicllas through the transformation of the church. Yeshua was transformed for the likeness of man, and the truth was rewritten, a fact that has benefited the Roman Empire for centuries. Religion is still being used as a business today; with the informal edification of the church, we have grown into infinite beings developing the senseless knowledge of sorcery. Religion places limitations on God’s omnipresence, how can God love one over the other when we all sin and fall short to the glory of God? 


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