Summer is finally heating up, and now is the perfect time to get some quality family time into your schedule! A game night is a great way to connect and spend a screen-free evening together, so we’re rounding up some essentials you’ll need to have hours of fun, ranging from comfy seats and yummy snacks to board games and puzzles. Get your carts ready because you’re gonna love these, and so will the rest of the family! 

Kiddie Couch ($269)

Of course, you need to set the scene and get comfy for a few hours, and Kiddie Couch has an amazing option that the whole family can enjoy. Their soft sofas break down to a base, cushions, and support pillows, which you can keep in a traditional couch setup or turn into the fort your kids have always dreamed of. From the neutral Koala Grey for the living room to the bubbly Orchid Purple for the playroom, there’s something for every home in this collection. We think it’d be perfect for families with young children, letting everyone be cozy and connected while playing.

(c) Kiddie Couch

Foster Butterfly Collection Playing Cards ($18)

Got any boredom? Go fish! Everyone loves a good card game, and you’ll love a card game with a deck from Foster even more. Their Bright Butterfly playing cards are some of the most beautiful cards we’ve ever seen, adorning both sides of the cards with gorgeous butterflies in all different colors. Win or lose, you’ll still feel like you’re victorious. And if butterflies aren’t your thing, Foster also has card sets with beach themes, city landmarks, and maybe even your favorite college football team’s logo. 

(c) Foster

The Wizard Of Oz Adventure Book Game ($29.09)

Follow the yellow brick road to tons of fun with Ravensburger’s adorable Wizard Of Oz adventure book game! Throughout play, you’ll encounter some of your favorite characters and locations from the iconic movie, and you can even try fun additional challenges inspired by some of the most memorable songs. Each chapter of the game brings new quests, characters, and settings, keeping you engaged at every turn as you avoid the Wicked Witch of the West and try to get back to Kansas. For a little extra excitement, try listening to the movie soundtrack while you play! 

TREMG would like to thank Ravensburger for letting us try the Wizard Of Oz Adventure Book Game in exchange for an honest review!

(c) Madison Murray for TREMG

Confetti Snacks Veggie Chips ($5+)

Time for a little snack break! Chips and popcorn are always an easy go-to, but if you want something more nutritious that still brings a punch of flavor, then you need Confetti Snacks on your radar. Their veggie chips, which come in flavors like Teriyaki BBQ, are made from “ugly produce” that doesn’t make it to those shiny grocery store shelves, and it turns out that those vegetables can actually have more more antioxidants than the ones that you’d find in the supermarket. Getting in a healthy snack while reducing food waste? It’s a win-win!

(c) Confetti Snacks

Super Mario Labyrinth Board Game ($36.99)

Wanna make your game night a double-feature alongside a movie night? Then Ravensburger’s Super Mario labyrinth game is the perfect choice! Throughout the game, your goal is to collect the characters you’ve received playing cards for, moving around the labyrinth on the board and shifting the pieces that make up the maze each turn. Each round will keep you on your toes as you race other players to collect the characters you need, hoping not to fall off the board when the next player shifts the maze. Then when you’re done – or even while you’re playing, if you’re good at multi-tasking – turn on The Super Mario Bros. Movie and follow along as Mario tracks down Luigi! 

TREMG would like to thank Ravensburger for letting us try Super Mario Labyrinth in exchange for an honest review!

(c) Madison Murray for TREMG

JIGGY Junior Puzzle Club ($29)

If you have fun, why not make family game night a regular occurrence? A monthly subscription to JIGGY Puzzles’ Junior Puzzle Club will bring you a cute new puzzle every few weeks, delivering an exciting, colorful challenge right to your door. Each edition comes with bright artwork that’s bound to make you smile, as well as a reference print of the art and the adhesive you need to display your completed puzzle. This would be such an excellent, recurring bonding moment for your family, and you can preserve the memory forever.

(c) JIGGY and Caroline Alfreds

Which of these products are you adding to your cart? What’s your favorite game to play with loved ones? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

By Madison Murray
Featured Image: Madison Murray for TREMG

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