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The rivalry between McDonalds and Burger King fast food chains has been ubiquitous and polarized since the 1950s. Each restautrant provides similar fast food options through different cooking methods. While some may argue that Burger King delivers fresher and higher quality items, nobody can deny that one aspect that McDonalds will always emerge victorious in is desserts.

 As long as their machines aren’t broken, McDonalds always satisfies its customers with cookies, apple pie slices, ice cream cones, sundaes, and their signature McFlurry shakes. Burger King’s dessert options are very limited with their most popular choices being their fudgy Hershey Sundae pies and their chocolate milkshakes. Just last month, McDonalds has squared off with Burger King through the release of a pie od their own: McDonalds Cookies and Cream Pie. The taste is just as refreshing as the name is simplistic.

The idea of Cookies and Cream pie was first sought after in European countries such as Germany and Malaysia. “If Burger King can make a chocolate pie based on the Hershey’s companies, why can’t McDonalds”, asked Instagram user “@Snackalator”. The comment received almost a million likes and, soon, the user’s wish became a reality. The company announced the introduction of Cookies and Cream pie which started in Oklahoma and moved into the Eastern United States.

The pie itself looks similar to the chain’s Apple Pie, but with Oreo Cream topped with bits of Oreo cookies. The menu lists the item as about 220 calories with about 40 grams of fat. Reactions to the pie have been quite mixed with one user only rating it 5 out of 10: “Definitely smells like cookies and cream, heavy on the cookie. Okay, so here’s the deal. I don’t like this. I’m not sure what I was expecting from this, but this isn’t it. I do not like the cream filling. It is not giving Oreo cream filling. The outside is kinda giving Oreo cookie, so I’ll give ’em that…This tastes just like the cookies and cream pop tarts”, says the User.

Other users think highly of the product, especially during this scorching summer. “Nice and warm. Crunchy bits in there. The chocolate on the outside isn’t bad, but the cream on the inside is actually really tasty”, says the TikTok reviewer. “This is right up there with the custard pie. I give it 8.5 out of 10 when it’s warm. I can’t wait to dip this in my Oreo McFlurry”.

Nonetheless, the introduction of the Cookies and Crème pie has surprised many people upon its introduction. “I have hoped for a while McDonalds would invent this item and now its here”, concluded @snackalador. “If this continues, it will be one of the best menu choices McDonalds has made in a while”.

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