With all the talk of slavery, book bans, and an impending World War, the streets of America are beginning to speak out, again. Can the civil war be considered the first U.S. Workers Right revolution? Let’s examine.

During the chattel slavery, free labor capitalistic society that was once the United States, the transatlantic slave trade provided business profits on the condition of free labor. A war broke out. The economic policy differences between the South and the North spilled over into American politics, just like we see in our current climate. The way we all earn here in the United States has always been decided in legislative spaces therefore access to the ballot box curates access to wealth.

Lexington Union Story From August 17 1839 shows mentions of property sales in New York City, followed up with a sentence about slaves being sold. Lexington union., August 17, 1839

We are living through a very interesting time. A time where democracy is slipping further into the abyss everyday. A time where autocracy creeps back into power, darkening the spirits of everything in its path. A time where corporation based republics like the United States rather starve their citizens then pay a fair wage.

The federal minimum wage has not been moved from seven dollars and twenty five cents since 2009, that was fourteen years ago as of today. The state with the lowest minimum wage are the two states with no minimum wage, Georgia and Wyoming are required to pay a minimum hourly wage of $7.25, the same as the fed rate. The average two-bedroom apartment in Wyoming costs $1,071 per month. That means a year of rent would be $12,852 as per Rent.com.

Tahyira Savanna, a voting rights advocate shared the information on her Instagram feed, challenging welfare recipients who voted for the GOP leadership. Why do poor Americans keep voting against their own self interest?

Today, U.S. District Judge Raag Singhal, who was appointed by Trump, said Friday in his ruling that the former president’s defamation claims failed because the references were opinions and not factual statements,” the Washington Times reported.

Donald Trump is active because he is rich. If we continue to let the smallest group of white males with money corrupt the livability for the majority of Americans, then the Declaration of Independence is a falsehood therefore America becomes just like every other nation. We lose power across the Globe when we begin to behave like our adversaries. The civil war on its face was a workers revolution of the free labor market. Capitalism is not slavery, it is meant to create competition. If the government has to keep stepping in to control corporations, then this is a socialist society.

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