About the Descendants Truth and Reconciliation Foundation

The 2016 discovery of that sale of 272 men, women and children enslaved by Jesuits led to the creation of the Descendants Truth & Reconciliation Foundation, a partnership between the Descendants of the enslaved and the present-day successors of the Jesuit enslavers. The Foundation has a $1 billion vision with key objectives to support the educational aspirations of present and future Descendants; to invest in truth, racial healing and transformation programs in communities throughout America; and providing emergency support for elderly and infirm Descendants. 

In 1838, the Jesuits who ran Georgetown University sold 272 enslaved children, women and men from Jesuit plantations in Maryland to pay off the university’s debts, according to the university. In April 2016, the NYT covered an in-depth story about the 272 people who were sold. “Their panic and desperation would be mostly forgotten for more than a century. But this was no ordinary slave sale. The enslaved African-Americans had belonged to the nation’s most prominent Jesuit priests. And they were sold, along with scores of others, to help secure the future of the premier Catholic institution of higher learning at the time, known today as Georgetown University.” – Rachel L. Swarns of the NYT

The article revealed that the University in February 2016 began collecting records, slave records, that would be the documentation needed to approve the payout of reparations.

We’re sharing the list of humans who were sold in an effort to help educate. With an increased assault by GOP leadership, Black History and notably slave history

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