In our effort to encourage better learners and thinkers around the United States, we are working to expand our adult literacy sections on our website. This new section will focus on a word every week with some examples and ways to use the word in our daIly conversations. After college, there are rare opportunities for adults to continue to educate themselves. Many businesses do not invest into learning so employees are trained up until the point of functionality and not beyond. Cults and group thinking is beginning to erase critical thinking skills. Additionally, the attack against K-12 educational requirements only hurt a country whose already struggling to compete educationally around the world. Currently, the United States ranks 51st in the world educationally.

Top 10 U.S. Literacy Rate Statistics (Source Cross River Therapy)

  1. Nationwide, on average, 79% of U.S. adults are literate in 2022. 21% of adults in the US are illiterate in 2022.
  2. 54% of adults have a literacy below sixth-grade level.
  3. 21% of Americans 18 and older are illiterate in 2022.
  4. Low literacy rates end up costing Americans up to $2.2 trillion every year.
  5. 34% of the people 18 and older with low literacy proficiency weren’t born in the United States.
  6. The state with the highest rate of child literacy is Massachusetts, with over 80% of kids there having good proficiency in reading.
  7. New Mexico has the lowest literacy rate for children, with over 30% of the state’s children being illiterate.
  8. New Hampshire has the most people 18 and older that are literate, with over 90% of them knowing how to read and write.
  9. California has the lowest literacy rate in the country, with 23% of them having little to no proficiency in reading skills.
  10. Throughout the US, there were 66% of children in the fourth grade couldn’t read well in 2013.

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