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Ever since grammar school, science lessons have been ironed into our brains and for good reason. Unlike the subjects of Math or (don’t make us say it) gym classes, the world of science is all around us from we as humans to our environment. As such, science lessons have been taught through us through two different teachers; Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus and, more predominantly, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Originally on the Disney Channel, Bill Nye’s exuberant science lessons have charmed young students into actually wanting to learn about inertia or photosynthesis. In 2023, however, Bill Nye is making a comeback to address what may be the most crucial science lessons of all-the climate crisis.

From the Canada wildfires to the numerous Climate Health conferences, the notion that the world around us is collapsing from climate change is quite transparent. In his new television series entitled “Bill Nye Saves the World”, Nye assumes the role of a superhero navigating a field of chaos and destruction from the climate crisis. Specifically, Bill Nye markets the series as “a talk show exploring scientific issues that impacts our lives with a political and societal opinion”.

“I always found shock therapy an effective means of taking action”, says Bill Nye in an interview with ABC News. “As such, [Bill Nye Saves the World] aims to scare people into protecting our environment”. While the events are filled on a green screen, the implications are more than enough to show the eventual impact the environment will have on us. For example, one scene shows Nye dodging a barrage of volcanic ashes while another scene shows massive tsunamis and rising ocean levels unsuitable for living conditions.

Unlike Bill Nye’s original series from grammar school, “Bill Nye Saves the World” is intended for adults with stronger language and far more chaotic events. Bill Nye has also teamed up with Family Guy creator Seth McFarlene, another climate change advocate, for the show’s production. The show is currently in its third season spanning 25 episodes and with generally positive results. “This show is incredible and amazing. Bill Nye is my childhood hero and this show is very informative and important to our world today. Everyone who breathes should watch this show”, wrote one reviewer.

Using the lessons taught in “Bill Nye Saves the World”, Nye himself also offers solutions to the climate crisis. “Raising the price is gasoline is necessary”, he says. “If prices are raised, people will be inclined to buy less. We must preserve our nonrenewable resources”. Lessons such as these and many more are delved into, unpacked, and explored through none other than Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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