The Speaker of the House is the 3rd in line in the succession for the Presidency. It is a position of power. It has still not been filled. Today, Bowman turned himself into Capitol police for falsely ringing the alarm when there was no real emergency on the house floor back on September 30th. Rep. Bowman say it was an accident and that he didn’t pull the alarm to delay a key government funding vote. He still pleaded guilty. When Bowman was interviewed by Capitol Police agents, he told them he responded “yes” when asked if he knew anything about the fire alarm. The Democratic representative said he was in a rush because votes were being called, adding that the door is usually open.

Fox News has not covered the Insurrection, the way they have covered this criminal offense of ringing the alarm. Cue Beyonce. We went to their main site and searched. We compared the search query “insurrection” to the query “jamaal”. See the results below for yourself.

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