Post-Coverage: Brooklyn Fashion Week @ Industry City

We attended this season’s Brooklyn Fashion Week which was held at Brooklyn’s Industry City on Saturday Oct. 4th and Sunday Oct. 5th.  We sat front row and took in all the sights the fabulous designers had created.  The show setup was very well done and the press pit was impressive to say the least.  We snapped a few pics pre-show from the red carpet and the front row.


IMG_0407 IMG_0408



IMG_0006 (2)



The Pre-Show music was provided by a pretty rocking band- The Craig Greenberg Band


During the Saturday presentation we enjoyed the preview of the following designers: Underground Marketing Clothing (USA)/ Joyce Pilarsky (Philippines)/ Isabela Milan (Spain)/Claire Consigny (France)/ Malanski/ Soka (St Vincent)

IMG_0072 IMG_0084 IMG_0087 IMG_0090

We will continue our photo gallery in the next post….see you there!

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