Summer, unfortunately, has to come to an end at some point, but who says all the fun has to end with it? Now is the perfect time to find your new favorite products to prepare for an amazing fall, and we’re here to help you out. We rounded up four must-haves that you’ll absolutely love, ranging from stunning jewelry to hair and skin essentials. Grab your wallet, because you’ll wanna add these to your collection ASAP! 

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Diamonbliss Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet ($95)

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but more often than not, the price tag isn’t. Luckily, Diamonbliss makes beautiful diamond-alternative jewelry that you might just love more than the real thing. We’re in love with their gorgeous tennis bracelet, which looks amazing with an airy sundress or even a nice blouse and jeans. Pictures really don’t do it justice, it’s even more sparkly in real life. It’s so versatile and no one will know you’re not wearing real diamonds – don’t worry, we won’t tell! 

TREMG would like to thank Diamonbliss for letting us try their cubic zirconia tennis bracelet in exchange for an honest review!

(c) Madison Murray for TREMG

Liquilinks Face Buffer & Washbands ($9-12)

Your skin deserves only the best, and a lot of the time, you might not really think about the tools you’re using to keep it clean as much as you think about the skincare products. But don’t worry – with Liquilinks, you don’t have to think about it! They make amazing, effective wash products that are 35x more sanitary than your usual washcloth, and with food-grade silicone that dries quickly. We recommend their soothing face buffer, which gently exfoliates as you clean your skin, and their signature wash wristbands, which prevent water from running down your arms when you wash your face. Finally, a solution to one of our biggest pet peeves!

TREMG would like to thank Liquilinks for letting us try their face buffer and washbands in exchange for an honest review!

(c) Madison Murray for TREMG

TrapStix Hip-Hop Lip Balms ($2.50)

Everyone loves a good lip balm, but how many run-of-the-mill tubes can you really get before you get bored? TrapStix makes these everyday essentials fun with their all natural, hip-hop-inspired products, including the honey-flavored Cardi Bees and the sweet Lil Uzi Vernilla. It’s such a unique concept that will make taking care of your lips a lot more fun. And if you wanna try the full collection all at once, you can check out their variety pack for $22.99! 

(c) TrapStix

VODANA Triple Flow Ceramic Hair Waver ($87)

Saying goodbye to summer doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to those beachy waves you look forward to all year – why not bring them with you into fall? VODANA can help with their easy-to-use hair waver, which has S-shaped barrels to protect your hair and works with a single button. There are also some pretty awesome safety features, with the barrels embedded inside the waver to protect you from burns and an auto-shutoff that powers the waver down after an hour. Not to mention the adorable colors!


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By Madison Murray
Featured Image: Madison Murray for TREMG

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