Flavor’s Night Out Event #Recap

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Flavor’s Night Out is an event created to celebrate diversity by showcasing art and fashion by multicultural artists. Flavor’s Night Out is a unique event that seeks to inspire, entertain, and educate attendees.  We attended the event this past Thursday and we were in awe at how simple yet classy Tha Network owners Cacha and Pen  had the presentation and venue set-up.  For lack a of more catchy word…it was on FLEEK.  It was held at Y-Clad’s Hidden Gem near the Midtown/UES boarder of New York City.  The neighborhood alone is extremely swanky.  We walked up the stairs and entered into a room which at first just looks like a showroom but when you stop to look closely you can see that the pieces strung around the room are apart of Jewels By Cacha (JBC).  She actually hand picks the items for the collection herself.  We grabbed our complimentary wine and flyers and we walked a little further inside.  We entered a second room filled with alcohol infused sorbet and books.  The treats were a really good compliment to the wine actually and were provided by http://www.Tipsyscoop.com (Head to their site to find out where they will be next and their retail locations)  The book, Pen’s first how-to book entitled ‘#MakeYourPenLoud How To Be a Lifestyle Blogger’ which retails for just a measly $10.00.  She was also introducing, The InkSpot, an international and multicultural lifestyle publishing, production, and design company. The InkSpot produces and publishes original content to entertain, educate, and inspire. The InkSpot also designs modern, chic products to give customers the opportunity to express themselves and showcase who they are.

Our CEO, had this to share via Facebook during the event:

“Hyped! 2 yrs ago I EP-ed a Documentary film called New Minds In New York…Today I’m with two of my fellow entrepreneurs who were featured in the film at their launch event for their book and fashion line!!!! I know good people when I see them and we’re all still very much as hungry as we were a few yrs ago. The things we have accomplished thus far just shows us and the World what we’re really about and what’s in store‪#‎Wedidallthiswithoutmoneytho‬ Just imagine when it starts rolling in ”

She got to chat a bit with the guest speaker at the event, Rumal Rackley, son of Gil Scott-Heron, who was there to discuss his father’s memoir, The Last Holiday.  Tahyira and Rumal discussed the importance of events like the one Pen and Cacha put together and how vital it is to come out from behind our phones, laptops, and social media and have “real life convos” vs “real time convos”.

You can definitely count us in for the next one.

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