Tahyira Savanna Releases New E-Book Via Kindle and Nook



Wednesday, March 19th 2018

Media Contact: theredeyemediagrp@gmail.com


A 31 Day Inspirational: 31 Quotes and Sayings to Help You Stay Motivated in Love, Business, and Life

A 34 Minute Quick Read

Tahyira Savanna is a writer from Brooklyn, New York currently living in Hollywood, California.

Hollywood, C.A.. (March 19th, 2018)

On Monday, December 18th 2017 Tahyira Savanna released her first installment of quotes from her Instagram account.  The quick read is available for purchase in the Kindle App and a hard copy version of the book can also be purchased from the Amazon Kindle Marketplace.  Tahyira has been writing since forever and on social media she saw an opportunity to share her work.  She is an entrepreneur, running multiple brands and start-up companies.  Her work ethic is remarkable and she is a wildcard.

In 2017, Tahyira left everything behind in Brooklyn to continue to pursue her entrepreneurial creative dreams here in Hollywood.  She currently is the host of #LiveHangouts, a new kind of media, where she is continuing her storytelling career bringing interesting professionals direct to your palm.  The interviews are done very uncandidly on her Instagram live feed so audience members have an opportunity to experience the raw.  Tahyira prides herself on having an open mind and open heart.  She also prides herself as being outspoken.  Her quotes are meant to inspire mainly everyone.  She believes we are all rockstars to some degree and she is here to help us ignite that inner flame.

She recently married her first business partner, client, and friend Frankito Arias.

TREMG previously known as TheRedEyeMediaGroup strives to reach the underground community as it pertains to marketing, public relations, event planning, and talent management. They also believe that it is important to give back and all of their work involves heavily into contributing to not for profit causes. They believe that with the proper tools talent at any level can reach their full potential.  Their motto is Small Minds Can’t Comprehend Big Dreams…But We Comprehend!

All local bloggers, media outlets, book reviewers, and publishers are welcome to contact her for an editorial or interview for a free copy of the book




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