“Fear doesn’t get in the way, Fear shows you the way.”

-Lyndsay Chollak

1. Was there someone in your childhood who inspired you to be of serviceto people spiritually and in all the ways you help people’s lives as a coach? If so, who and what in particular did they do or say that made perfect sense to you as a great way to contribute to mankind?

The passing of my mother when I was 16 years old started a chain reaction for events leading up to my personal discovery of being of service as my life purpose.Her sadness and depression lead me to question, “what is our purpose in life, and what makes us truly happy?” I discovered that this journey of discovery was an “outside, in” process. Growing up in a very materialistic western society I was led to believe that if you looked a certain way, and sacrificed yourself for the happiness of others was a dark yet profound lesson.It led me to a journey of discovering what peak health was like after battling with an eating disorder, and the ultimate realization that EVERYTHING starts in the mind. Helping others shift their mindset to that of a powerful creator in their life is what I am driven to pursue.

2. I know you have had a lot of life experiences that led you to become the person you are today.Was there one pivotal experience that really stands out the most? Please describe.

When I first discovered yoga in my early 20s I got a taste of the power of the physical body and the emotional mind. My guru told me he helped to heal a woman who was faced with terminal pancreatic cancer like my mother had. I knew that I was meant to bring this healing modality to as many people as possible. And what it had morphed into was a profound passion for shifting, altering and working with your mindset to confidently pursue the life you are meant to have.

3. In a very busy life, how much do you value setting up boundaries and when you do set themup, what are you most importantly protecting?

Boundaries help to keep ourselves empowered. It’s very easy to get caught up in doing everything for others, when it reality when you stay wholeheartedly connected to your boundaries you are able to serve others at a higher level. One which self-sacrifice doesn’t exist.

4. Was there ever an epiphany or ‘awakening’in your journey? If so what was it and how did it help your life?

I owned and operated a yoga and wellness facility for 10 years. We had to close unfortunately due to our landlords’ negligence and financial dishonesty. I thought I would never survive that time in my life. All the blood, sweat, tears and love I poured into that place left me feeling like an absolute failure because I couldn’t continue running the space.It took me 3 years to realize that failure doesn’t exist. When something ends or doesn’t turn out the way we wanted it is for our greater good and for the ever -altering, ever-expanding service we are to provide the world. It doesn’t mean we stop. It doesn’t mean we can’t go on. It means we learn from what worked and what didn’t work and persevere with this wisdom to do bigger and better things. This idea, of essentially falling in love with failure, is something I live by and teach my clients daily.

5. Like so many of us, have you ever felt misunderstood…that people just didn’t understand your lifegoals and if so what did you do about it.?

Many times…even if we speak the same language, we essentially don’t because of our personal experience, beliefs and perspectives guide us.No matter what anyone says to you, you can’t take it personally because it’s coming from their own limiting beliefs.“You can’t do this… you will fail!” when it comes from someone who you perceive as not supporting you translates to,“I can’t do this… I will fail!” Their opinions TRULY have nothing to do with you, it all has to do with themselves. With that world view in mind, it is so much easier to pursue what you know in your heart you are meant to without getting sidetracked withthe fearful view of others.

6. Any words of wisdom you want to leave us with that has helped you and your clients the most? and also let us know the best way to reach out to you for possibly working together.

All our negative thoughts and beliefs ARE NOT REAL.They were put there by our family, friends, and role models growing up.We chose to believe them because we had no other perspective to go on.Your beliefs create your reality.You believe you can do something? You sure as shit can.You believe youcan’t do something? You sure as shit can’t.You get to decide how you live this life. Not your parents, mother in law, friends, neighbours can tell you any different. They are not in the driver’s seat of your life. YOU ARE.Life is short, and it doesn’tmatter how old you are, you can start to live life today by your own rules, you just have to decide what they are and execute on them daily.

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