Coronovirus Has Took Away Media Interest In Harry and Megan, And They’re Not Mad About It

By Matt D’Silva

Before the coronavirus took the world stage it seems almost everyone had an opinion of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and quite happy to share it.

“Harry is treating his family badly” is one opinion I overheard on the subway.

“Harry is a spoiled brat who should be showing more respect to his Grandmother” is another opinion that was offered.

“Meghan is ruining that family. She is causing both William and Harry to fight. She will break up that family” a third replied.

It seems that a lot of people have very strong ideas about the reasons behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to move to Canada and raise their family away from inquiring eyes.

Prince Harry has been famous for longer than he has been alive. His mother, Princess Diana, was constantly in the public eye from the moment she was engaged to Prince Charles. Harry knows firsthand what it is like for someone to suddenly become the center of attention on the world stage and how hard it is to adjust.

As we all know Princess Diana was hounded by the press. They reported on her every move, and this was before the days of social media. We knew absolutely everything about Diana, what she wore, what parties she attended, where she ate, even the gym she worked out. There are photographs online of her actually working out. Every aspect of her life was reported.

Meghan Markle first came to the public attention during her acting career in suits. A little bit of celebrity, comments on her outfits and who she was dating in the press. It was a little bit of fame that came with her successful acting career. But in 2016 all of that suddenly changed once she started dating Prince Harry.

The attention in the media grew. Meghan’s whereabouts’ became the fascination of the world and all aspects of her life began to be reported. In the beginning it was all very positive but it changed, very quickly. Articles became to appear about her growing up in “ganglands” in Los Angeles, family disputes, being difficult, a failure as an actress, greedy and even writing “divisive” articles for Vogue.

According to a recent study completed by the Guardian, of the articles printed about Meghan since 2018, the year she married Harry, over 43% have painted her in a negative light. Whereas comparing the press coverage of Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, Kate has received only 8% of negative press and 45% were positive, whereas for Meghan only 20% were positive.

Prince Harry has witnessed firsthand the destructive nature the press can have on an individual with the stress and pressure it placed on his Mother, the late Princess of Wales. It is understandable that as he is now witnessing this same behavior being directed to his wife by the press that he would want to remove her from this scenario and protect her and his son.

To facilitate protecting his family Prince Harry took two steps. Firstly he started legal proceedings against a number of media outlets accusing them of harassing his family and a racial bias against Meghan. The second step has been to step away from royal life.

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their announcement that they are dropping their royal titles, becoming independent and moving to Canada the media attention has increased. British Papers have been dismayed that they would want to give up royal life with some commentators saying they have “ deeply hurt” the Queen.

But what is so wrong with Prince Harry stepping away from royal life? He is no longer 3rd in line for the throne, thank you Prince George. Harry is wanting to make his own money and not rely on sovereign grant, which is commendable, but as stated he is also wanting to be more involved with his family and live like everyone else.

Also if he is witnessing the brutal treatment of his wife what is wrong of removing them from the situation as he knows all too well the outcome. He knows firsthand that if nobody does anything and lets the appalling behavior continue by the media outlets that it will only get worse.

Here is hoping life improves for Harry and Meghan Mountbatten- Windsor.

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