Indie Artist Tee Slaves drops this fast paced corona virus anthem entitled ‘Disease’. Read the lyrics below:

everybody runnin
runnin runnin
you feel it comin
yea its comin comin
everybody out here runnin from disease
sound the alarms
better fall upon thy knees
yea its gettin hot
someone turned up the degrees
satan out here busy
written in the book of Job, wat a scene

every body out here talkin bout disease
i felt the wind hit across my face
but it wasnt jus the breeze
it was like a signal from above
angels done saved me, time was 11:11
they tried to plant me with the seeds
so many visions since
i keep callin it a dream
but the truth god sends his warnings
just gotta be up on the team
you blessed im blessed
we pickin battles in between
the realms of reality cuz big demons placed on we
you hear the sirens blazin
they done called the calvary
everybody out here runnin from disease
but from the looks of it
they cant find no vaccine
to reverse the curse
blue eye devils dont scare me

no fear jus prayer
a lil sage for the fresh air
tee slaves out here
showing out this still our year
watch for stocks
they tumbling like rocks
papa was a rolling stone
he taught me how to spot
all the inaccuracies
wat they sayin on tv
dont make sense it dont add up
like how one and two makes three
everybody out here catchin the disease
its our fault virus found a home on planet earth
guess its time for us to flee
i am your zordon
its morphin time
always felt i was a ranger
alpha-females how divine
we headin to angel grove
cuz yeah we been exposed
to the truth in the light
see thats just the way it goes

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