Dear Mind and Miss Rona (COVID-19)

By Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands

There’s moments in life we can reflect on to appreciate when we could actively and openly care for our mental health. Times where we once took for granted, as currently we are forced to figure out ourselves as true and productive human beings. For once in our lives, we are being concentrated and isolated for great purpose to stop the spread of COVID-19. Though many may deem this a privileged stand point, I can only write my review of self for what others may relate and help me learn as well.

34 days into Social Distancing/Isolation, I’ve learned to “Just Do It” as Nike promotes, and work on myself as a personality, maturity, talent and writer of sorts. If I don’t then I’d fall into a depressive that would take all of my strength to fight out of. Every single day I am constantly reminding myself that light is on the other end, as the day I walk outside to meet with friends isn’t pretend but the inevitable trend I play over in my head. I know I sound dramatic, and these are times I cherish but let’s face it… never in my lifetime (1996-now), have I been required by law to stay inside and deal with myself until further notice. Though I’m grateful for the blessings set in my life, this is hard being the Extrovert Scorpio that I am.

My daily life is a constant business, where I must stay productive to not fall into drugs, suicidal thoughts, depression and darkness alike. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve fought out of that mindset, by the Grace of GOD but this Isolation is slowly picking at me. And opportunities to write articles, poetry, create my brand content, sing through repertoire, complete marketing webinars, etc… are how I’m staying High Minded and Blinded of Depression. Productivity is how my mental health is staying up and positive. So I encourage you all who reads this to learn why you should love yourself, to love yourself and find your truth in passion and pursue it relentlessly to save your mental health and way out of darkness.


Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands

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