Lori Loughlin Is Regrouping After Judge Refuses to Dismiss Criminal Charges Against the Actress

Just several weeks ago, the former ‘Full House’ star believed she had a chance at having her criminal charges dismissed amid new exculpatory evidence surfacing which purported that the FBI had coerced Rick Singer, the leader of the college admissions scandal, into lying about the nature of the monetary transaction in 2018.

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According to reports, Singer was told by federal personnel to lie about what the $500,000 Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, was specifically designated as — a bribe, as opposed to, a donation to the University of Southern California. The latter having no criminal affiliations and all but releasing Loughlin and her husband from any wrondoing.

Unfortunately, for Loughling and Giannulli, the judge refused to dismiss the charges, despite evidence that tampering in the case had been done. Upon hearing of the judges decision to continue in the pursuit of criminal charges, which include bribery and wire fraud, sources revealed that the actress was ‘nervous’ but would not step down from maintaining her innocence.

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“Lori is convinced she did nothing wrong and wasn’t expecting the judge to side against her,” a source shared with Entertainment Tonight. “Despite her set back, she has no plans to back down from her non guilty plea. She strongly believes that [bribery scam ring-leader Rick] Singer misrepresented himself and, because she thought he’d acted on behalf of the school, she feels she is innocent.”

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Since the scandal broke in 2018, several other celebrities and high-profile people that were involved in the matter have received prison sentences and large fines including Desperate Housewives star, Felicity Huffman. With the judging body focused on continuing to levy convictions on Loughlin and Giannulli, expectations are that this will be a back and forth battle, at least for the near future. Both are expected to appear in the Boston court come this October. Do you think Loughlin should have the case dropped? Let us know in the comments below!

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