Kourtney Kardashian Voices Her Frustration with Scott Disick Prematurely Leaving Rehab

Scott Disick, the ex-boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, and now boyfriend of Sophia Richie, recently checked into rehab, only to quickly exit the program at the facility. It has been reported that photos taken of Disick while on the property were the impetus for the father of three making the decision to prematurely check out.

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Unfortunately, this is a blow to both Richie and Kardashian, as the two had urged Disick to enter rehab in an effort to curb his substance abuse issues. A source that spoke with Entertainment Tonight reported that it was important for Disick to enter rehab so that he’d be clean around his children and become more responsible.

“Scott Disick has entered rehab for substance abuse issues,” the insider shared with the outlet. “Scott has struggled with these issues for a while and although he was previously doing well, it was time for him to get help again. Kourtney and Sophia were a big proponent in having Scott enter rehab in Colorado. At the end of the day, Scott needs to be clean to be around his children and family and that’s everyone’s main focus right now … is Scott’s sobriety and the kids having a healthy father.”

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Well, now, with Disick out of the rehabilitation facility and without the help he needed, it seems that Kardashian is a bit concerned. On Saturday, the reality television star cryptically posted to her Instagram account that she was not okay with Disick’s current situation. “Kinda tired of being okay with things im not okay with,” she wrote on the social media platform.

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Whether or not Disick returns to seeking help is currently unknown, but it’s abrasively apparent that the support group around him believes it’s absolutely necessary, not only for his own health, but for the livelihood of his children and their overall well-being. What are your thoughts on Disick’s premature exit from rehab? Let us known in the comments!

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