The NFL is considering a new plan that could aid in the diversification of the NFL. The plan in question would offer an incentive in the form of an improved draft pick to teams that hire a minority manager or a minority head coach.

     For hiring a minority manager, each team would improve their third round draft pick by 10 spots. For hiring a minority head coach, the third round draft pick position of said team would increase by 6 spots. Additional compensatory 3rd, 4th, and 5th round draft picks would be awarded to teams that hire low-level minority coaches, such as quarterback coaches.

     The plan is merely a proposal at the moment, and will require 24 out of 32 votes from NFL owners to pass. It is unclear whether or not the plan will pass, but it will be voted on during the NFL’s virtual meeting on Tuesday. While the plan would likely result in increased diversity, the fact that minority hires would need to be incentivized in the form of additional or improved draft picks is controversial.

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