In a world filled with greed, hatred, and the love of money; people are overlooked. As if, they don’t exist. Many are bias, while others are solely focused on themselves. So, they disregard others, whom face hardships.

“Nearly, half of Americans has a close friend or relative, whose been addicted to drugs.” “According to the NationalSurvey on Drug use and health in 2016, approximately 20.1 million Americans 12 or older had a substance use disorder.” Perhaps, it wasn’t the individual’s decision? Would your opinion or aid in assisting, solely depend on how the addiction began?

On my daily morning errand, I noticed a lady. She was sitting down on the stairway, which is connected to the parking lot. I meet my client to go over contracts, twice a week. Once, I parked, she turned around. Simply, because she heard something, I imagine. She was looking on at the restaurant, as customers picked up their order. It was truely heartbreaking. I asked her,” would she like a meal?” She replied, “ yes, please.” So, I returned to my vehicle to get in line to purchase food for her. After, receiving her order, I went back to park. I gave Lexi her food. Her eyes were glaring with hope. She said,” thank you, so much! God bless you!” I stayed parked waiting on my client, as Lexi was eating her food. My mind was running rapidly. Thinking, “ what else can I do?” She eventually asked,” where’s the nearest shelter?” I didn’t have a clue! I used my resources to get that information for her.

Finally, my client arrives. I didn’t have a pen to write the shelter’s information down for her but my client did. Next, we asked if, “ she had money to catch public transit?” There was a stop, directly across the street. She stated,” someone spiked her drink with drugs. She’s had an addiction, since that devastating night. My client and I reached in our handbags to give her some money. She went on to wait for the bus. It finally arrived!

Lexi’s family told her to “ call anytime she needs help.” However, after this tragic event occurred; no one was there to assist her. Falling deeper and deeper into the depths with little strength and sanity. Lexi began to depend on cocaine. I hope, she receives the treatment she needs. Yet, I’m still thinking,” what can I do?”

So, I ask,” what kind of human being are you? What kind of heart do you have? Do you sympathize with people? Or, are you a judgemental person?

Written by

Devon Fisher

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