Eurovision Song Contest is the epitome of fun, let yourself go and let the culture saturation take you on a journey and enjoy the visual and audio feast as it unfolds. There is no time like the present when we all need some cheesy pop, crazy dancing, amazing pyrotechnics and the use of a wind machine to lighten up our day.

Eurovision first started in 1956 and was originally created as a way to bring Europe together after it was ravaged by World War II. It first premiered in Lugano Switzerland and has continued every year since and various host cities around Europe.

Thanks to Eurovision Song Contest we have the likes of Abba, who won the song contest in 1974 with their popular song Waterloo. Coincidentally the same year Olivia Newton-John performed representing Britain singing Long Live Love.

In 1988 with big hair, shoulder pads and white tutu, Celine Dion, representing Switzerland performed at the Eurovision Song Contest singing Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi and won. A surprise win that helped catapult Celine to international stardom.

Let’s not forget Madonna performed last year, as a guest artist.

The Song Contest draws around 600 million viewers across the globe for the week long event in May which finishes with a winner being announced. Each representing country announces their votes during a live broadcast, with the winner performing live to the millions of viewers. Australia, was invited to compete in 2015 and has successfully participated in Eurovision every year since. 

But like everything else in 2020, Covid-19 has also affected the broadcast of the annual event, eventually cancelling the song competition for this year. But not to disappoint fans Eurovision broadcast an abridged version, through YouTube, a more of a celebration of the song competition highlighting some of the showstoppers from years past.

For the diehard fans and people new to Eurovision the highlights remind or introduces you to some amazing past and new performances. Who can forget Israel’s winner from 2018 Netta singing Toy. Austria winning in 2014 with Conchita Wurst singing Rise Like a Phoenix. Wind machine superstar Loreen singing Euphoria and winning for Sweden in 2012. 

But if this year’s competition had gone ahead Little Big performing Uno for Russia would have stood a very good chance. One thing about all of these songs is that they represent fun, a good time and not forgetting to laugh at yourself. 

Later this year on Netflix is releasing the film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. Not to give away too much about the film but it seems to represent everything about Eurovision which is have fun and make people laugh.

As we all have extra time on our hands and need a good distraction. Now is a great time to introduce yourself to the fun that is Eurovision Song Contest.

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