Frolic Freely

By Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands


Moments of uncertainty are every second of the day

Though, you encourage my confidence to anticipate my grave

Why should I live with planning to die

And you Frolic Freely through time without questioning why

Yet you enjoy all that’s been gifted by our GOD in good sense

That of which is Color with hue, the beauty of our nature and existence with fuse

Though mine has been conditioned to be potential death sentence

I need to be seen and understood as your own in innocence, so friendly

I too want to Frolic Freely

Anxiety crushes the man I’ve come to solidify

Because if I don’t know the effect of last second

I can only testify my fear of you confusing me and trying to “fix it”

Then when the fuse has been rectified we all just forget what was trialed to be fixed

By metal we embrace through paper and pens chase

Your uncertainty causes me to lose face and focus on the blue dangers I see through “we”

I too want to Frolic Freely

“Dedicated to every Black man and woman murdered by the brutal, careless actions and senselessness of our men in blue.”

The Poetic Tongue © 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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I’m One Piece of Peace for the world. To be balanced and understand why another may not be, is the type of intelligence I continue to exemplify. Self-Love and Self-Projection have taught me much of the wisdom I’ve been blessed with, as I believe in HIM.

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