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​Alot of times people are put in “impossible situations.” Of course, Like everything else, it’s a test. A test to see if you will cry out to him in a time of need. Or when you think you’re about to drown in the troubled waters. Please, do not give up the good fight. Whether you may know it or not there are people who are looking up to you and wishing that they could be in your position. You can think of this as a little reminder to stay humble although, you may want to complain. Without a doubt, it’s quite difficult to comprehend why God would put believers through such a hard time. 
Although, at the same time you can think of it as a obstacle that you were able to overcome. It was done to make you stronger. Whether it be a bad breakup, a family member passing away, or you someone you know betrays you/turns a blind-eye when you need them most. This was done for your highest good. God is revealing to you that you are stronger than you know, and others may not have had their best interest at heart. Equally important, when people pass away. They are still with you – close to your heart and spirit. They are still with you, watch over you, and protect you.​​
A personal story that I would like to share would be that all my life I’ve had people who were close to me bully me and somewhat demonize me – only to find out that they were unhappy with themselves and we’re upset at me.for not having as much and doing everything in their power to try and change me, both physically and spiritually.  It got to a point where I stopped expressing myself because I knew I would be judged/criticized. Well, little did I know – this was training. Training to prepare me for what was to come next.
After my official break-up with someone who said they cared about me, but just used and jewed me. Everything else became crystal clear. The fact that my partner was secretly jealous of me and made it known through his actions, the fact that family and friends either turned a blind eye when I needed them most or we’re taking advantage of my kindness because they knew I wasn’t going to just up and leave when times get rough. 
God breaks you down to your lowest so you can then get on your knees and pray and lay down the burdens you’ve been carrying for way too long. He wants to free you. He wants you to return home; you are his child and like everyone else you still deserve love. Luckily, throughout this whole transition I was able to find purpose and meaning to life again knowing that a God so forgiving can give love that is so pure. In return, he asks for nothing but your loyalty. I would have to say this is truly a blessing that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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