June 14th is President Donald Trump’s birthday, however over the past month he has done nothing worth celebrating in his reign as the current President with the Black Lives Matter protests following the many black deaths by police.

Black media took to social media to on this day to praise over former, beloved President Barack Obama. Following this began the hashtag #ObamaDay.

Social media has continued to rejoice in the word of the former president who has shared his comments and condolences for the recent number of deaths of black people by police, the protesting, as well as how Trump has handled the Coronavirus.

This has sparked the movement on Twitter with “All Birthdays Matter” as a dig for those who continue to deminish the Black Lives Matter movement by saying “All Lives Matter”. This is a way to make the daily struggles of the black community including the countless deaths, meaningless.

The trend #ObamaDay gained momentum as black celebrities such as singer, Ciara and actress Viola Davis joined in to show their support. This happens days after news outlets report that President trump’s approval ratings drop as does his status in the current primary election against Joe Biden.

Today, black media continues to refer to former president Barack Obama as ‘their forever president’ as Obama was rated the most favored present in today’s youth.

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