How To Extract Images From Blender (2.7 Ver.)

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to extract images from a video in Blender. This is excellent for projects if you need  a really good shot or would like to see which photo frame by frame from different angles. I would like to credit E Crackers on YouTube for the video.

Open Blender and click on the Video Sequence Editor in Viewpoint at the bottom

Hit Shift + A and click on Movie

Locate your video and click Add Movie Strip

Hit the Letter N and check the length of the video

(paste it on sticky note or write it down)

Hit the Letter N again to hide the second panel. Update the End Frame amount in the first panel or keep as is.

You may change the image format/output if you want it to be JPEG

(this step is optional;you may leave the image format as as PNG)

Locate/Create the folder where you want your frames to go

Click Animation

Here’s what your end result should look like.

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