Rapper Future has been in hot water recently over his never ending baby mama drama. It’s no secret that Mr. Toxic himself has multiple children by multiple women including singer, Ciara.

Over the past several months social media influencer and entrepreneur Eliza Reign made it be know that she was the lastest on the list to have a child father by the rapper. Future continued to deny these claims once it was known he is currently dating Lori Harvey, daughter of Steve Harvey.

Eliza Reign was able to legally force the rapper to take a paternity test and it was confirmed Future is the father, making Reign baby mama number eight on the list.

This confirmation comes a few days following Mother’s Day when Future individually tweeted Happy Mother’s Day to each of his child’s mothers.

Upon receiving confirmation of his paternity test, the rapper claimed reign impregnated herself and filed a lawsuit against Reign claiming sh’es revealing personal information about the rapper to gain clout and money. Future took to Twitter on a rant and began to disrespect and defame Reign.

To the public it seemed like Reign was just the latest groupie to be with the rapper, however it appears the entrepreneur has known and continued an on-and-off relationship with the rapper for many years.

Recently, Eliza Reign was able to request child support from the rapper in which he offered $1,000. Reign rejected this offer as she claims he is low-balling his offer considering his current $20 million annual income, she believes he should pay $53,000.

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