Baby (left) Bat ( middle) Darling (right) Buddy (far right)

Ansel Elgort as Baby suffers from acute tinnitus which leaves an endless humming sound in his ears. He smothers this the noise with music collection of vintage iPods, each song for each mood. Baby is also a skillful, young getaway driver who efficiently relies on self-made soundtracks that helps him drive in the most incredible and stunning way. Though his missteps land him in debt to a crime lord, Doc (Kevin Spacey).

Baby agrees with Doc to become a breakout driver during heists for Doc with the sole aim to erase his debt. Every robbery, led by Doc, Baby selects the perfect track with a concise theme suitable for each mood of operation. With his song played on, Baby drives in the most frenzy, stylish, and unstoppable manner during a tough and rough pursuit from cops.

Debora (left) Baby ( right)

Baby meets his dream girl, Debora, a waitress at a local dinner. Now, the crime lord comes coercing Baby into one more job which will get baby off his hook. But with the erratic Buddy (Jon Hamm), Bats (Jamie Foxx), and Darling (Eiza González) at every heist, the sole mission of baby to get out of the band becomes harder.

If he pulls this last job, maybe then he will be able to live in peace with his foster dad, Joseph (CJ Jones), and finally, take his long-cherished Debora out for a splendid dinner. Baby must face his music as a doomed heist endangers his life, love, and freedom.

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