Travelogue: Pictorial and Video Gallery “Walk” of the USA- June 2020

Life is the different, life is the same, life is weird, and life is insane. Since Spring of 2020, our country has experienced a great deal. I took a short cross country road trip that lasso’d the United States. I started and ended in Southern California from May 30th – June 10th on the following route:

Life amidst a pandemic and human rights movement is chronicled below:
Has life changed. Is it the same? You be the judge.

Utah and Wyoming
South Dakota
2 Pictures Above: Black Lives Matter Protest near Wakefield, Michigan.
Just above: Lake Superior, Michigan near Porcupine Mountains.
Above 4: Pop-up art in the wake up Black Lives Matter movement in Chicago, IL
Coast Guard in Illinois in a Hummer blocking off the intersection
Protest in an intersection of Artensia and Division Streets in Chicago, IL
Above: Chicago Skyline and protests. Just above: Is that social distancing? Uhhhh….
Riverwest, Nebraska
28 degree weather in Vail and Aspen, Colorado
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Some parts of life never change!

As always, stay well, and see you soon!


Black Lives Matter protest in Chicago, IL

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