With Juneteenth, or June 19th, being the day that we celebrate the “freedoms, achievements… continuous self-development and respect for all cultures” (http://Juneteenth.com/history.htm), with Washington D.C. government representatives pushing for a federal holiday to celebrate June 19, 1865, a day celebrating the end of the Civil War and beginning of emancipation of African Americans, I wanted to write poetry in honor of today’s ethos on self-development and reflection.

If you feel inspired, please share your poetry in the comments below. I welcome all voices!

“Feelin’ Lyrical” by Aaron

Feelin’ so lyrical, I’m writin’ a spiritual
on life as a miracle, 
no joke, not satirical.
We live in our heads, 
with dollar bills in our beds, 
but peace and God’s grace, 
can’t nothing replace.
Feelin' so lyrical, 
you and I are the miracle,
Thank heaven so spiritual
for this life so theatrical.

I live in a place where we seek to replace,
the clues to our souls with digital tweets and news trolls.
See production is first rate, and meditation must wait.
“Ain’t fear just a curse?” you say.
Throw that thought in the hearse!
Send it down to the yard, with a kind thank you card,
giving thanks to fear's birth, for showing you your worth
to choose courage instead,
and let fear rest it's head,
for the moment at least.

'Cause fear ain’t no curse if you sit with it first,
if you learn its first name and from where its first came,
if you hear it on out, let it scream, jump, and shout,
if you comfort and stay with its grief and dismay.
Because you’ll find deep within,
fear is driven by kin,
and it wants to make proud,
and sing with loved ones out loud.

I’ve heard my friends say before, 
“Don’t you worry no more,
because we’ve met fear before, 
cracked its shell and found its core.
We found buried within, an image of gold tin,
or a smiling face saying,
‘My name is God’s grace,’ saying:
‘Don’t you worry no more, 
'cause you're home at my door,
and you'll find here within
that your fear is your friend.
So walk with me now, and I'll show you just how to.

For fear is just grace hiding its face
waiting for you to finally embrace

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