His character was so unique, even people who didn’t watch wrestling knew him. Mark William Calaway, who bears the stage name; Phenom, the Deadman, the Undertaker has just retired. He is the greatest character in the history of WWE and Pro wrestling. Every kid, including adults, were thrilled to watch the Deadman appear from nowhere, slamming his opponent and then vanishing into the thin air.

From the 1990s, the mystique strength of Deadman wreaked havoc on every opponent who dares to challenge him. He is the “The Grandest of Them All”, doing the unbelievable, unimaginable, and the impossible of all act of wrestling on stage. No superstar in WWE’s record spent a quarter of a century at their prime. The Deadman did this, he gripped on WWE’s main event for more than two decades.

Undertaker is an icon among elite wrestlers. Any opponent who has a battle with the Phenom knows how unlikely he is to win. The Undertaker wasn’t just any top elite an opponents pick to fight.” Undertaker was revered and feared because he had delivered epic performance against Hulk Hogan, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Locozuna, Edge, Shawn Michaels, and more. They all fell at his feet making his Wrestlemania 20-0 winning streak.

The Undertaker gave an initial tribute during Wrestlemania 33, leaving fans with the question, “if that was the last time the Deadman will perform in the ring.” Well, that was it. For over 33 years in the ring he finally hangs his boot.

He will be remembered with his black hat, and trench jacket, the undisputed lord of hell who dominated the ring.

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