By Joe Brock

Doesn’t it feel different these days? I’m not sure how to even properly explain what I mean by that yet I get the very distinct feeling that everyone reading this knows exactly what I mean. Our civilization, this so called society we live in, has come to find itself between a rock and a hard place. But why? Why are we here, how did we get here, and how come no one thought to stop the car along the way? It seems impossible to me that we ended up in this place we are in now by simple coincidence and flow of life, no no, we are here by design. We are here intentionally and unbeknownst to us we have been manipulated into believing the world we live in today is spinning out of control by chance, well it’s not, it’s spinning out of control because some folks wanted it to happen that way and we are merely pawns in the chess game.

So what do we do? How do we fix it, how do we stop it? How do we even know where to begin? I for one believe the answer is less complex than one might imagine for a problem of this magnitude. I believe that the reason we are living in the world we live in today is because we were forced to stop thinking for ourselves a long long time ago, I believe the reason we are here is because for generations now we have been unwillingly and unknowingly enslaved mostly by way of our minds. Sigmund Freud once wrote a book called “Civilization, And Its Discontents” and in this book he makes the most powerful statement I’ve ever heard and processed in my life. He states, and I quote “The problem with man is simple, man no longer thinks for himself, he simply conforms to what society tells him to do and that’s that.” 

When I tell you I was floored, I literally hit the floor. How could such a simple statement be SO profound, how could he have so effortlessly diagnosed the problem for an entire species, and he couldn’t have been more right. Think of it this way, I’ll give you a little example of conformity and how people no longer freely think for themselves. If you were to take 100 men at the age of 25 in America, by the time those men turn 65 only one of them will be rich and only 4 will be financially independent, the rest of them will still be working and/or poor. Now if you took 20 of those men and asked them why they get up and go to work everyday and still they remain poor 19 of them wouldn’t have an answer as to why, they simply do it because everyone else does and it’s what we are “supposed” to do. Even though it gets us nowhere, even though we remain in poverty and struggling to survive we continue to do what everyone else is doing and what we are told to do. This my friends is proof that we are here by design.

We cant even break ourselves free of the system when the system has clearly and obviously failed us countless times over again. We have to unlearn this behavior, we have to literally rebuild this society and make the next one free of all kinds of oppression, MOST importantly mental oppression. The key to everything about us is in our minds, the moment we stopped thinking for ourselves we were doomed, but the moment we begin to do so again then we can thrive and prosper in the world we were all meant to live in. That’s the society that feels right to me. 

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