Hashtag trends have tremendous power in 2020.

Modern times have made it critical to understand and respect the brilliance of a hashtag. However, misuse of a hashtag can render your business platform useless instead of boosting its presence.

Keywords are important to SEO efforts in your digital media campaign. Working together with the use of hashtags, both can drive organic traffic to a company website or social media page. You know that.

If you don’t: they are simply keywords with a “pound” (#) sign in front of them, like #SupportBlackBusiness. A friend of mine used this same hashtag to boost her business. It led to a 20 percent increase in profit. Her husband was shocked.

He had no idea the hashtag can revamp, refuel and change the status quo. In traditional SEO efforts, Keywords are gradual. Hashtags are immediate.

They shed light on profitable products and services by collecting together specific topics, themes, or even public events. They increase business visibility and engagement. When used correctly, they can address fundamental inequality in our society.

But be careful! Make sure you’ve hired someone to research how to properly and effectively use them.

The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was hijacked earlier this month on social media sites that were inundated with pitch black boxes. Despite supportive intentions, it was said to be performative activism. In other words, doing more harm than good to suppress important updates and critical information for a movement against those that protest racism and privileging capital over human life.

How can you avoid missteps and be the best ally?

Pay attention to the language of your readers so that your content is relatable. Your use of hashtags becomes relevant and strategic and you’re in the fight to uplift black voices and eradicate injustice. To ensure you associate with other companies that focus on doing more social justice work, here is one list of black owned businesses:

  • American Legacy Network
  • Iroko TV
  • JB’s Record Lounge
  • Iya Foods
  • Fenty Beauty
  • The Lip Bar
  • Blade + Bloom

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