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Black Brands Need Love Too

It’s our favorite time of the year to help our brothers and sisters who are entrepreneurs. It’s all about spending Black dollars wisely. Especially around the holiday shopping season. Where are you planning to shop this year? There is something to be said about how Black Americans financially invest into the American economy. Do you…

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Elite Women’s Business Society

I am reaching out to each and every one of you wonderful ladies to join my Elite Business Women’s Society FB Group. Just launched last night! Inside this group you can advertise you business, post your vids and lives, attain motivation and inspiration, business tips, and guest speakers will be in periodically to talk about…

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Kalming PHragrances & Cannabidiol

Phagan Parker is a young Black woman who has started a career for herself in aromatherapy through her business Kalming PHrganges, LLC. A Scorpio born and raised in Murfreesboro, NC and now living in Charlotte, NC has been providing customers with calming fragrances that have healing benefits for 2 years. In this interview, learn of…

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