The Forgotten Children of Quarantine

As the world is panicking over toilet paper and making large shopping trips to stock up on the essentials, some children fade into the background as the forgotten children of quarantine.

In my county alone it is estimated that due to the rise in unemployment there are an additional 1,748 children at risk for child abuse or neglect. There are articles posted everywhere online reporting similar for the country.

As unemployment rises we see more parents who are struggling to provide food on the table for their families. This really scares me for the children who are growing up in this generation. Good parents who become overwhelmingly stressed due to finances and an inability to find work during this time may find themselves doing things they never thought possible.

That’s not to say everyone is suddenly going to snap and all children are at risk. However, if you know of a child who you suspect is being abused or neglected during this time please reach out to the reporting hotline.

Let’s make sure these children don’t become lost due to covid.

*Photo by Nathan Larkin*

TREMG news

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