Meek Mill Was Too Sensitive About Trey’s Challenge, He Forgot Why Lives Matter

Meek Mill has been doing charity for a long time now, and people knew, Trey knew, which was why he called him to take part in the #FeedYourCityChallenge. There was no need for Meek to get angry or prove his past commitment and accomplishment in charity and donations. It only worsens it. Meek Mill tweets and replies to Trey’s #FeedYourCityChallenge clearly depict that ‘he, Meek had done enough for the community and no one should bother him.’

Meek was too sensitive toward Trey’s challenge. I can remember vividly, this same community and its people were all crying out everywhere saying “Free Meek” while he was in prison. Now, it time to show back love to the community, when it matters the most, Meek just brag and rant. It is unfair. It is unfair that he resisted and complained about taking part in the #FeedYourCityChallenge.

Meek Mill wasn’t the only rapper called out for the challenge. Mustard, Fab, and Trouble were called, they took up the challenge to feed and support the community during the hardest time. Its sad as Meek only expressed ego. If he truly claims he loves the community, why complain about a challenge that would feed them, help them, and sustain them.

Literally, Why would anyone get upset about helping the community or feeding its people? A challenge or no challenge, Meek took this too far. Its something that won’t cost him much and the community needs this now more than ever.

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