Vince Carter has officially announced his retirement from the NBA with a record of 8 teams ( Raptors, Nets, Magic, Suns, Mavericks, Grizzlies, Kings, Hawks ). The 43-year-old brought his 22- year basketball career to an end in high notes. Carter’s legendary NBA career reach great records as a player with several nicknames such as Half-Man, and Vinsanity. Let’s peek at Vince’s incredible facts and records.

Vince Carter learned how to dunk in 6th grade, and won the 2000 slam dunk contest. He never lost any dunk contest.

His 22 seasons are the most in league record, and he became the first NBA player to appear in four different decades.

Vince Carter is the second-highest scoring shooting guard without winning a ring. (Reggie Miller is the first with this feat). Vince played over 20+ seasons without winning an NBA title.

Vince is 1 of only 10 players in history to have a career playoff average over 25 points a game. He holds the playoffs record for most three-pointers.

In NBA, Vince is the fifth oldest player to ever play in the NBA at the age of 42 years old.

The Legendary Toronto Raptors superstar, Vince, won the rookie of the year in 1999, 2015-16 teammate of the year award, USA Basketball win gold medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, eight-time All-Star selection.

Indeed, he is a rare gem in NBA history.

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